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Fighting Content Failure and Fatigue

I’ve been away from the blog for a few weeks so I thought this topic would be perfect, because it is something we all struggle with. You create an editorial calendar for your blog. You agonize over what to write about. You give it a withy title and pack it full of insightful content. You spend time rereading and editing it. You think it’s perfect, and you are sure that everyone is going to want to read it. You post it online and…nothing. The blog gets a handful of views and maybe a spam comment or two. How can this be? You were sure this post was going to be a hit. What I am describing is called content failure and fatigue, and it happens to the best of us.

It’s Not Your Fault
Millions of great blog posts, tweets and websites go unnoticed everyday. It’s not a content problem. It’s an audience problem. There is just an abundance of content on the Internet. Sadly, great content goes unread.

The Facts
Every minute:
• 571 websites are launched
• 350,000 tweets are tweeted
• 48 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded
• 3,800 blog posts are written and published

What can you and your brand do?
I’ve said this in almost all of my blogs, but it is about quality not quantity. Quality doesn’t just apply to your content. It’s also about your promotion. Brands can step down content production and step up promotion and distribution to get better results.

The solution is content promotion. Identify the key influencers in your industry, pitch them, get coverage and promote the coverage. You can promote it through social media or a content marketing strategy- like a newsletter campaign. You can also pay for sponsored ads or to get placed in the “Recommended News Articles.” These are sponsored links at the bottom of most news articles that are selected for you based on your search history.

Whatever method you chose to promote with just make sure you are being consistent and putting out useful, quality content your readers will enjoy.