It’s a Dog Meet Dog World

Image via Flickr (Tracy Lee)

The Internet is going to the dogs — literally.

There’s a new beta service in New York (other cities likely to follow soon) that allows dog owners to find playmates for their pets.  Known as MatchPuppy, the new service allows you to enter your pet’s photo, name, size, age, gender, energy level and favorite parks on a website.  Then, we assume, the MatchPuppy matchmakers do their work to create a balanced playgroup.  The pet parents are provided a choice of times and parks and told how many other dogs are already planning to attend – we’re guessing the owners are also invited.

You can even check out details on little Dita Von Dog, Powsimodo, Pucca Valeria, Iodzia or even larger Ganymede.  (What’s up with these names?)

However, we don’t think dogs are all that particular — at least ours are willing to sniff and be sniffed by just about any other canine.  And one park is just about as good as any other.  MatchPuppy is an interesting concept, but we wonder if it isn’t really just a dating service for lonely dog owners.

But, at least this shows that when it comes to the Internet, be willing to be creative and take a chance with a new concept. Maybe something for pet turtles?

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