Have A Great Idea That Can’t Wait? Maybe It Should

Most PR pros engage in endless meetings, phone calls and emails, sharing information with internal project managers, field representatives and others.

With luck, all of that communication occasionally presents you with a homerun, or as it’s sometimes called – a good idea.

Now the rush is on. This is your opportunity to get into the PR frenzy around National Scrapbooking Day, Rural Life Sunday or some other pseudo-celebratory occasion. Maybe it’s even your big trade show of the year.

But before rushing off to have your agency write a news release, check to see if the company brass is on board and supportive. Need a subject matter expert to handle interviews? Make sure you have someone knowledgeable and media-trained available as you announce your news. If you want to name any customers, confirm their participation first.

I don’t need to run down the entire checklist. But I do offer a word of caution:  Make sure all you’ve done all of your homework before loading up to launch a campaign. Sometimes it’s better to slow down – there will be another opportunity soon enough.

Act too fast, and that good idea may not lead to a great result.

– JD

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