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Meet our bloggers

Jon Daum-

Jon, a founding partner at DW, has over 20 years of media and agency experience. With expertise in the newsroom and in client relations, Jon provides a wide range of knowledge for businesses wanting to share their stories with their markets.

Cindy Weigle

Cindy, a founding partner at DW, brings a diverse background with stints in media, government and PR. She has the writing, planning and research skills to clearly communicate client messages through traditional or social media.

Sara Gonzalez-

Sara  considers herself a jack of all trades, specializing  in writing, pitching, securing media placements and interviews for DW clients. As a former news producer, she uses those experiences for most aspects of her work, which also include building relationships with media, providing content, blogging, and social media.

Niki Perri           Niki Perri-

Niki joined the Daum Weigle team in May 2013.  She is a 4th    year communications and political science major at UCSD and plans to pursue a career in public relations after graduation. She blogs regularly and provides overall support for media campaigns and projects.

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