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What NOT to do on Social Media



We’ve all seen lists telling us what do to increase your social media influence…but what shouldn’t you do? Knowing what not to do can be just as important as knowing what tactics your company should be using. Here’s what not to do on social media and some simple ways you can fix these common mistakes.


  1. Don’t post an irrelevant Facebook status to engage with your audience. Your audience has followed or liked you on social media for a reason and they expect consistency from you. Asking a question or posting a quote that has nothing to do with your business or field confuses followers and hinders engagement.

Fix: Try to engage with your audience by asking questions that are relevant to your field and can also help your business grow.

  1. Only talk about yourself. Sure, you want to grow your business and show your followers all the amazing products/ services you have to offer. However, talking only about your company comes off as egocentric and could keeps you from making connections with other businesses or customers.

Fix: Rule of thirds. One- third of the time post created content. One- third of the time, share content from others. One- third of the time try to have a conversation with your followers (see rule #1).

  1. Spam followers. Followers want updates about your latest project or important news regarding the industry. However, when companies post back- to- back social media posts it can start to annoy your followers.

Fix: Use a social media platform like HootSuite or TweetDeck to schedule your posts. Try to spread them out at least an hour apart.

  1. Post vulgar or inappropriate content. Human error happens. We’ve all seen posts where an employee posted something on their company page when they meant it for their own personal social networks.

Fix: Make sure your employees do not have their personal social networks attached to social media platforms, like HootSuite, where it might be hard to differentiate between accounts.

  1. Don’t have too many social media outlets. It’s great for companies to expand their reach to multiple social media outlets and try to up their SEO. However, if you have too many sites, chances are you aren’t consistent across the board. Someone might stumble upon your dormant Facebook page and think your aren’t serious about social media.

Fix: Limit the amount of social media outlets your have. If you know you can only commit to one or two sites then simply have those one or two site and post content regularly.

  1. Not cross promoting. If you have a large Twitter following but are lacking in Facebook likes you are doing your company an injustice by not promoting the Facebook page on your Twitter account.

Fix: Cross promote your social media sites. You want to have a good number of followers or likes in every outlet, not just one. 

– NP