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Content Marketing


Building relationships with customers and clients is the best way to generate business. People and businesses do not want a hard sell.. They want to feel like they know and trust your business before buying your product or service. That is why content marketing is so crucial. 

Content marketing in its most basic from is the creation of content (i.e. press releases, infographics and social media posts) to a target audience in the hopes of engaging them enough to share your content.  The whole idea is to build an audience and relationships with potential clients.

You want to create content that you know  and yourtarget audience can use.In turn, they will be more invested and will be more likely to share it with their friends, followers, etc. The more your content is shared the higher your SEO results will be. This is great for generating leads and getting new clients. Keep in mind content that is over 2,000 words tends to rank higher on Google.

What type of content should you create? PR professionals are constantly creating content, that’s an integral part of our job. Clients want content that will create traffic, like blogs, infographics, and helpful solutions. Companies that blog or post unique content 15x per month, generate 5x more traffic than companies that don’t post regular or enough content.  However, the best type of content is useful content. This is content that informs and is valuable.

Content doesn’t have to mean blatent self-promotion. Customers and clients want to see that you have their best interest at heart and care about the same things they do. Think about when you go into a department store and are looking for a specific brand of jeans. You go up to the sales person and he/she tells you that they do not carry that brand of jeans but the department store down the road has the brand you are looking for. Instead of the sales person trying to persuade you to purchase a different brand of jeans, he/she gave you helpful information and you now trust and respect that department store more. This is the same in public relations.

A great way to advertise while still offering helpful content is through social media ads. Instead of obvious ads, PR and advertising teams can search sites like Twitter and lookfor relevant questions. Say you have a client in the computer/ information systems industry and you go onto Twitter and notice people have been asking about how to unfreeze a computer. You might respond to them saying “Press Control, Alt, Delete at the same time.” Now you have helped people out and theymay now have a newfound respect and  connection to your company.

Another form of content marketing is native advertising. Native advertising is content that fits with the user experience. Again, this is content that does not feel like you are being advertised to and helps you build a relationship. An example of this is the “recommended for you” features on web articles. Here the advertisers are trying to appeal to your taste preferences. It makes it seem like the viewer found the article on his/her own. 

Advertising has become extremely difficult, people can rewind TV commercials, listen to ad- free radio stations so advertisers need to be creative. They need to give the client what he/she wants. That means helpful content-based ads and marketing strategies that develop a bond between you and the customer.

– NP