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Networking in an Increasingly Connected World

Job searching – no one loves it but everyone must do it. Whether you are just starting after college or are a tenured professional, job searching and networking is a skill set that we all must master.

Now I know what you’re thinking. But don’t cringe. This is an opportunity.

As a new addition to the Daum Weigle team, I recently had the privilege of experiencing the challenges and opportunities of networking firsthand. Yet even after weeks of developing the craft, I realized that there is no how-to rulebook out there on the best ways to utilize social media.

Some say avoid it completely. Others embrace it without any sense of tact. I say make it an instrument in your growing arsenal for success.

First, we must recognize that our online personas are just as capable of making a lasting impression as are face-to-face interactions. Once here, we can start building our stories and connecting to the world.

Whether it’s a blog, a Facebook page, Linkedin or just a few characters each day via Twitter, tailor your writing and media posting to the type of people you want to attract.

Sure, you can protect certain aspects. Who doesn’t cherish their personal interactions? Just don’t hide completely.

Social media is your opportunity to connect with other professionals who you may not otherwise meet. Research your audience. Connect through similar interests. Layer your interactions over multiple platforms.

Start with the arenas that your target companies and audiences operate in. Do they have a Linkedin page? A Twitter profile? Identify what they are talking about and connect with them across those mediums. Then convey your story through what you write. Post about mutual interests and newsworthy topics. Initiate the dialogue and build those connections.

This is the world we live in and companies are increasingly looking towards the online world to see who the next great leader will be.

Whatever the topic, whoever the professional, don’t be afraid to tell your story. Just as you would present your skills in an interview or chat-up other professionals at a networking event, do the same in the online world.

This is your chance to make an impression. Don’t waste it.


Employees Need Social Media Guidelines

As a director of marketing would you authorize any employee in your organization to talk with news reporters or issue a press release on your behalf? Of course, not. It’s a crazy thought.

But according to an unscientific survey from a web media company, seven of 10 organizations do not require any formal training process for employees before they are allowed to blog, tweet or post to social media sites for the company.

Seems like another crazy thought.

With surveys showing that most people get their news from social media, it’s vital to protect your organization’s online reputation.

Various court cases have held that employees have First Amendment rights that allow them to post on social websites. And in doing so, they may name their employers. Former or disgruntled employees will have their say. There is little that can be done to stop them.

But the for the vast majority of employees, a few basic guidelines can go a long way. They need to understand the organization’s vision. They need to know when comments are appropriate and when it’s better to remain silent.

If you don’t have already have social media guidelines in place, take the time now to create them. A number of companies post theirs on the Internet. Use them as a starting point for your own company. And then take the time to share this with your employees.

Those people working for you can be a tremendous public-facing asset. Or they can become a major liability.

— JD


Say It Isn’t So! Will Facebook Really Be Shut Down on Nov. 5th?

Last month I read about the elusive hacker group “Anonymous” threatening to shut down Facebook. Saturday, Nov. 5th, 2011 is supposedly when it all goes down. Really, Anonymous Hacker Group? Why take away our fun? Oh yes, that whole bit about the government spying and using our private information for other purposes. Ah yes, viva the resurrection of privacy.

You want my opinion? Get real. While Facebook is the social media giant, why stop there? If this threat is real then they should also go for Twitter, Google+ or heck, even the the whole internet in its entirety. Want to do something impressive? Shut that down. Our personal information is skimmed and harvested at just about every turn we make these days.

And as I have seen first-hand, the hard work and time it takes to organically grow a client’s Facebook page, I can just picture PR executives across the world pulling chunks of their own hair out on Nov. 5th. If this threat is real, it will have a very interesting ripple effect. I hope it isn’t but what do you guys think? Check out this YouTube video that was supposedly uploaded by the group making the threat.

Click here to watch


Daum Weigle Introduces Security Headlines Update

Last month the Daum Weigle team created the Security Headlines Update, a comprehensive security newsletter with the day’s top stories sent directly to the inboxes of security professionals.

The Security Headlines Update is sent out each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning and anyone may sign up to receive the update on the right hand side of the 140 Blog. Past reports are also available to download under the “Security Update” tab above.

Previous updates have included news articles about school, transportation, government, retail and healthcare security; as well as the latest in security industry and technology and major industry events including ASIS.

To follow the latest in security news on Twitter follow @dwpr and the #dwSecUpdate hashtag with tweets for top articles from the security update.